Ari Gunzburg Facilitating a MeetingAri consults for businesses and organizations of all sizes. This consultation can include aspects of marketing, branding, design, operations, and more. At times people within a company may find it hard to see a solution, whereas someone from outside of the company can bring a fresh set of eyes to the problem and help determine a solution.

Creative solutions can come from many places. Simply finding someone with a lot of varied experiences to bounce ideas off of can do wonders for a seemingly insurmountable problem. Bringing a new thought process into the situation can often help stop the stagnation and begin the creation.


One particular skill of Ari Gunzburg’s is to help facilitate (gently guide) a meeting with a specified goal. Some of these goals may include:
  • Creating a branding strategy
  • Brainstorming a focused tagline
  • Developing a marketing campaign focal point
Some examples of facilitated solutions include:
  • Call. Install. Done. – marketing focal point for same day installation for carpet company focused on property managers
  • Where I Can’t Becomes I Can. – tagline for therapy company
  • Building Our Future Today. – marketing focal point for after-school program focused on building up children for the future

My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions.

-Peter Drucker

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The first step to working with Ari on your company is to contact us. Ari is selective with which companies, organizations and people he works with, in order to both make the best use of his time, and to focus his efforts where they will be used best.

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